Hosted Voice | From cost savings to business transformation

Why now? Business telephony services and telephone systems have changed significantly over the past few years and they continue to evolve, breaking down some of the barriers of traditional solutions. Traditionally, organisations had a phone line for making calls and […]

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It’s almost Spring, and as the warmer weather comes in, the idea of energy management starts to fade into the background for many businesses. Brighter evenings means we’re not relying on lights so much, and as the mercury starts to […]

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Ofcom demands legal separation of BT from Openreach

Ofcom have ordered BT to separate from its Openreach network, as the company has failed to voluntarily address what Ofcom labelled “competition concerns”. The monopoly that BT holds over the UK’s broadband infrastructure will undergo a gradual break-up, but it […]

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Internet Connectivity in the modern business

The reliability and speed of a business’s internet connectivity plays a pivotal role in its productivity and efficiency’s.   In today’s digital world, nothing is ever fast enough, no sooner had 4G began rolling out and people had started talking […]

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