How much money is your phone system costing you?

It’s a safe bet that your business uses multiple methods of communication every single day. From email and instant messaging to phone calls and video, customers of today expect to be able to contact you in a way and at a […]

Smart ways to conserve water

Continuing soaring temperatures across the UK mean water shortages and restrictions, as already seen in Northern Ireland this year, could be imminent. At DB Group we pro-actively work to help our commercial clients conserve water usage all year round. One […]

Energy – The time to buy?

Here at DB Group we are trying to inform and educate our clients on the energy industry, with transparent information not just pertaining to their bills but what is going on the wider markets. This helps them to understand not […]

Are you Waterless?

Do your washroom urinals often block, smell or leak? If the answer is yes then DB Group can help your urinals to become WATERLESS. DB Group has partnered with market leaders Wiffaway to offer this unique retrofit solution to allow […]

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