Act now to combat rising energy bills

With the announcement from SSE at the end of May that it is raising energy prices, the last of the ‘big six’ to announce similar increases in previous weeks, the time for implementing an effective energy and/or trading strategy is now, if you are to avoid paying well over the odds for your electricity.

Wholesale energy markets have increased around 75% for gas and 55% for power in the last two years, and with Government non-commodity costs already publishing higher rates come Apr-19 consumers need every advantage they can get to reduce spend.

Unfortunately, with each of the big six providers hiking prices significantly, simply switching providers to another with a slightly lower tariff won’t be enough to make a significant impact on your energy bills.

Understanding your consumption is key to forming a plan to reduce cost.  Our free and bespoke Observation Survey examines every area of your building, as well as where and how you use energy.  We produce a detailed, actionable report outlining where and how you can save on energy output.

There are almost always opportunities for reducing consumption, from moving usage to a less expensive part of the day, to implementing technology to assist cost control and consumption reduction.  We can ensure your energy strategy not only reduces costs and makes your building more efficient and environmentally aware, but we will also work with you to future-proof your property, giving you peace of mind that you are approaching the somewhat uncertain future of energy, as prepared as possible.

Also, if you are on a Flexible contract or looking to start one our Trading & Risk team can help you implement a strategy, follow market drivers so you don’t have to and can advise on buying and selling.

Get in touch for a chat with one of our team today to find out how we can help you optimise your energy consumption, procurement and keep your bills as low as possible.