Are you Waterless?

Do your washroom urinals often block, smell or leak? If the answer is yes then DB Group can help your urinals to become WATERLESS. DB Group has partnered with market leaders Wiffaway to offer this unique retrofit solution to allow […]

Energy recharging, are you compliant?

Are you a landlord who re-charges your tenants for energy consumption through electricity and gas meters?   If the answer is yes then do you understand the MID metering legislation. DB Group strives upon helping our clients meet the rules […]


ISO or ESOS?   ESOS – Whether you are newly participating in ESOS or are about to embark on phase 2, DB Group and our partners are ideally placed to guide our clients and new clients through the process. We […]

Act now to combat rising energy bills

With the announcement from SSE at the end of May that it is raising energy prices, the last of the ‘big six’ to announce similar increases in previous weeks, the time for implementing an effective energy and/or trading strategy is […]

Want to know where you can save money on energy?

Did you know we offer a free Observation Survey to help you understand your buildings and where you can save money on energy?   At DB Group, we’re always looking to help keep client energy costs down and ensure all […]

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